Voyages of Life -draft

Forty-eight years is a long time and even a longer time to miss the woman you love.   The Voyage of Life story is told as the Robert Cole Voyage of Life paintings are described by the woman he loves: Childhood, Youth, Manhood and Old Age.  The paintings become a metaphor for Sean’s life–the verdant landscape and calm waters of childhood become turbulent in youth and then early in manhood the shores turn rocky when he believes his one true love left him for another man.

The cover votes are in

By a significant margin, the ‘Iowa’ cover was selected. Thank you for your votes and insights. A good case was made for both covers. A number of people made excellent arguments in favor of the dove illustration for being unique and that it would differentiate Aarons War from other books in the bookstores. Working against that 90% of books are bought online not in bookstores. Personally, I was never in favor of the dove illustration but would have yielded to the impression of potential readers and the publisher.

Publishing Aaron’s War

I submitted Aaron’s War to two publishers and both offered contracts. I have resisted the business side of publishing for my other two novels, Voyage of Life and Shadow in the Night. When I completed Aaron’s War I decided it was time to pursue publishing all of them. The publishing world has a mixed cautionary reputation, but so far so good. Seems to pretty much follow general business principals. Right now, Aaron’s War is slated for release in January of 2018. More information coming.