The Search for Book Cover

Early in the process of considering cover options for Aaron’s War, I gave some thought to using a family photo.  My sister sent me this picture of her with father. In the original picture my sister was wearing a bow in her hair which I had airbrushed out so that picture would pass for father and son.   Just back from WWII you could see his daytime joy—young, happy to be alive, a job and new family. Hidden away for many returning soldiers was the nighttime demons. 


Publishing the Life Voyages Series When I finished my first book, Voyage of Life, I was reluctant to let anyone read it. Hum? Why write if you won’t let anyone read what you write. How does an author know if what they write is any good? Maybe our first efforts need work. Thomas Wolfe’s first novel, Look Homeward, Angel (1929) was a disorganized 1,114 pages before the publisher was able to help him turn it into a classic. Slowly, I began to research the business of publishing my first book, Read More …