Writer’s Digest

Recently, Aaron’s War, competed in the 28th Annual Writer’s Digest Fiction Contest. The judge’s commentary follows:  The premise behind this wartime tale, that a boy signs up to fight the enemy only to find out that he has a bigger stake in things than he realized, is one I haven’t really encountered and it worked out well. Watching Aaron struggle not only with how to be a soldier in the middle of a war, but a Jew, was fascinating. And on top of that, he fell in love, married, and Read More …

2020 Novel – The Attic

My 2020 novel, The Attic, is finished and on its way to the editor. The Attic story is told in three parts. Part I—Sybil Part II—Chicago Part III—The Attic. Roosevelt classmates might remember a fellow student, Karen Sounds, who was a victim of the disease Non-Patella Syndrome—NPS.  Some of the kids cruelly called her Tic Tock. Sybil is an important character of Part I.               

A Love Divided by Time Award

GOOD NEWS. My novel, A Love Divided by Time, is an Arizona Author’s Association finalist for unpublished fiction of the year. At this time, I haven’t committed to a publisher. I hope to find an agent and publisher who shares my dreams and is interested in my previous novels, Voyage of Life, Shadow in the Night and Arron’s War, as well as my next novel, The Attic.     I have been invited to attend the Arizona Authors Association awards ceremony in November. Already a winner.

The Search for Book Cover

Early in the process of considering cover options for Aaron’s War, I gave some thought to using a family photo.  My sister sent me this picture of her with father. In the original picture my sister was wearing a bow in her hair which I had airbrushed out so that picture would pass for father and son.   Just back from WWII you could see his daytime joy—young, happy to be alive, a job and new family. Hidden away for many returning soldiers was the nighttime demons. 


Publishing the Life Voyages Series When I finished my first book, Voyage of Life, I was reluctant to let anyone read it. Hum? Why write if you won’t let anyone read what you write. How does an author know if what they write is any good? Maybe our first efforts need work. Thomas Wolfe’s first novel, Look Homeward, Angel (1929) was a disorganized 1,114 pages before the publisher was able to help him turn it into a classic. Slowly, I began to research the business of publishing my first book, Read More …

Breath of the Lion

Original Title of Voyage of Life was Breath of the Lion   At one point in the book, Sean, the main character, reaches a low point in life and has a dream: When sleep came, he dreamed he was walking in an open field where grass seemed as tall as trees. The day had started out with the deepest blue sky, but as he walked on, the sky showed white puffy clouds, which merged and swelled and quickly turned angry and dark. He sensed danger was lurking in the tall Read More …

Why Write?

Why I Write. I have been asking that question for the longest time. The other day I found an eleventh-grade report card provided some insights. When I was young my wonderments were more about who I was, how I looked, how I fit in, certainly there was no connection between grades and my future. The only connection between grades and my future came from my mother. I listened to her scold me to study but still couldn’t force myself to pay attention to schoolwork. I found trouble easier to find Read More …