Indiscretion Highway 2019

  I just entered the last keystroke for my 2019 novel Indiscretion Highway. This has been a fun book to write—fun knowing so much more about the process and my own style. Certainly, it was the most complicated novel I have written. I have mixed feelings–pride to have completed the first draft and little sad. Already I miss the daily hunt for propositions and storylines, especially the creative intensity of coming up with the right ending. My editor calls it exquisite torture.

Indiscretion Highway

  On the eve of his daughter’s wedding Forrest Nelthorpe announces he is resigning as CEO and President of Niche Enterprises, has arranged to sell the house and possessions and is leaving.  On a flight to Australia he loses consciousness and slips into a coma and through a series of flashbacks his mystery is unraveled.  The deeper he slips into his coma the more intense the story becomes.   Comatose, he twists and turns in pain as the source of his distress is revealed.