Why Write?

Why I Write. I have been asking that question for the longest time. The other day I found an eleventh-grade report card provided some insights. When I was young my wonderments were more about who I was, how I looked, how I fit in, certainly there was no connection between grades and my future. The only connection between grades and my future came from my mother. I listened to her scold me to study but still couldn’t force myself to pay attention to schoolwork. I found trouble easier to find Read More …

Indiscretion Highway 2019

  I just entered the last keystroke for my 2019 novel Indiscretion Highway. This has been a fun book to write—fun knowing so much more about the process and my own style. Certainly, it was the most complicated novel I have written. I have mixed feelings–pride to have completed the first draft and little sad. Already I miss the daily hunt for propositions and storylines, especially the creative intensity of coming up with the right ending. My editor calls it exquisite torture.

The Imposters -The Winds of Time

Randa Hamwi Duwaji is a member of one of my writer’s groups. She is a poet and author of children books, including Heartbeats in the Wind, Reflections of an Arab Woman. She has researched the Quran as written in the original Arabic language. Christianity is not the enemy of Islam and not Jesus, who is sited 93 times and referred to over 187 times in the Quran. One of the subtle themes of Aaron’s War is Arron’s religious confusion. The German’s he was asked to kill were praying to the Read More …

Page 53

How exciting it is to finish writing a novel. After the euphoria of finishing the manuscript subsides, reality grips you and sends you crashing to earth as you call on old business cells in the left side of your brain, the ones you retired from, the ones that drove you crazy to succeed at all cost, risk your body and soul in order to accumulate things. I always said when I finish my first novel I would be content to lay it proudly on the corner of my desk. Then Read More …

Publishing Aaron’s War

I submitted Aaron’s War to two publishers and both offered contracts. I have resisted the business side of publishing for my other two novels, Voyage of Life and Shadow in the Night. When I completed Aaron’s War I decided it was time to pursue publishing all of them. The publishing world has a mixed cautionary reputation, but so far so good. Seems to pretty much follow general business principals. Right now, Aaron’s War is slated for release in January of 2018. More information coming.