Koehler Books to Publish Aaron’s War

I have contracted with Koehler Book to publish Aaron’s War. I sent it to two publishers and decided on Koehler. It is scheduled for release the end of January 2018.  I’m excited. This should lead to a commitment to publish my other two books and the one I’m am working on now, Indiscretion Highway.

Now the process begins and I’m not sure what to expect. I know before it goes to market they will offer their expertise on the cover and will edit the contents.  I like the cover I created, but need to keep an open mind.  Like the photo I plugged into the website header, I wanted to suggest this book was about war, but not about hardened soldiers who bravely, methodically, callously, carry out the mission to kill the enemy.  I wanted to portray another side of war. I think war is more complicated than Hollywood makes it out to be. Stay tuned.

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